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Michelangelo: grafia e biografia Disegni e autografi del Maestro [Brescia]


edited by L. Bardeschi Ciulich and P. Ragionieri

exhibition catalogue: Brescia, Museo Diocesano, 7 April-3 June 2001

Web site of the Museo Diocesano, Brescia:

publication year: 2001
paperback with flaps
245x290 mm; 96 pp.
160 colour and b&w illustrations

88-8597-72-2 Italian

A biographical portrait of the great artist through notes, letters, sketches and poems: autographic documents from the archives of the Casa Buonarroti, some of which already presented at international exhibitions in the United States, Japan and Russia, make it possible to reconstruct Michelangelo’s private and professional life, from his relations with family, friends and illustrious patrons to the fate of his most important projects. The thrilling sequence of Michelangelo’s originals is complemented by a choice of paintings, medals, engravings, drawing, printed volumes and casts that provide great insight into his life.

Table of contents:

Breve storia della Casa Buonarroti e ragioni di una mostra (P. Ragionieri)
Michelangelo: un percorso attraverso gli autografi (L. Bardeschi Ciulich)
Catalogo (66 pieces on display, most of them from the collections of the Casa Buonarroti, Florence)
Vita di Michelangelo (M. Marongiu)