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Beato Angelico a Pontassieve

Dipinti e sculture del Rinascimento fiorentino

Ada Labriola

20,00 €

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edited by Ada Labriola

February 2010
17 x 24 cm; 200 pp.
93 colour and 19 b&w illustrations

978-88-7461-149-2 Italian

With essays by:
Annamaria Bernacchioni
Ada Labriola
Francesca Petrucci
Carl Brandon Strehlke

exhibition catalogue: Pontassieve, Palazzo Comunale, 27 February–27 June 2010

The Angelico of Pontassieve, that is, the Madonna and Child from the chapter of St Michael the Archangel: this painting, today conserved at the Uffizi, forms the heart of an exhibition uniting a select group of works intended to illustrate the position of the artist from Vicchio with respect to the major painters and sculptors of his time.
In addition to other works by Angelico such as Imposizione del nome al Battista from Museo di San Marco and the miniatures, also from the library at St Mark’s and from the abbey at Vallombrosa, the personalities of artists such as Paolo Uccello, Filippo Lippi (represented in the exhibition by Madonna col Bambino in trono tra santi e angeli from Museo della Collegiata di Sant’Andrea in Empoli), Domenico di Michelino, Zanobi Strozzi, Benozzo, Andrea di Giusto and Pesellino are examined. Sculpture is represented by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Nanni di Bartolo and Michelozzo.
This catalogue is part of the La Città degli Uffizi series, a project conceived by Uffizi director, Antonio Natali, sustained by the municipalities and superintendence offices involved on the various occasions, and intended to recreate the bonds between the resources of the Uffizi and its territory.

Also in La Città degli Uffizi series L’Oratorio di Santa Caterina all’Antella e i suoi pittori, 2