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Intimacy Beyond media

Oltre i media 03

Marco Brizzi e Paola Giaconia

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edited by M. Brizzi, P. Giaconia

Beyond Media/Oltre i media 03 - 7th International Festival of Architecture in Video, Florence, 2-12 October 2003

publication year: 2004
170x220 mm; 160 pp.
200 colour and b&w illustrations

88-7461-022-X Italian/English

“This year the Festival of Architecture in Video has more decisively stimulated discussion of the general issues of multimedia. While the first years of the festival devoted more space to aspects specific to those working in the field of architecture, for the past few years we have felt it necessary to probe multimedia as a central question of the experience of designing and using architecture. This year it will investigate the complex relationships determined by the presence/invasiveness of multimedia in everyday life.” These are the opening words of the introduction to the festival catalogue by Vincenzo Legnante, director of the ‘Pierluigi Spadolini’ Department of the Technologies of Architecture and Design of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence, who ends by saying: “Fortunately, the individual substance of reality, transformed in the flat shadow of a film shot or converted into a fallacious intangible hologram, has yet to be replaced, but at the same time we cannot rule out the possibility that this shadow land does not actually exist.” Now in its seventh year, the ‘Beyond Media/Oltre i media’ festival has gained an international reputation as a key moment in the encounter on the techniques of communication in architecture.