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L'araldica. Fonti e metodi


Proceedings of the international symposium
Campiglia Marittima, 6-8 March 1987

publication year: 1989
210x297 mm; 228 pp.
224 b&w illustrations

88-85957-02-1 Italian

Coats of arms first appeared in Europe in the 12th century – the heyday of Feudalism. They were the chief means of identification by which a warrior, whose face was protected by a helmet or sallet, could be recognized by others. Yet soon the coat of arms became an exclusive sign of the man and his presence, stating his qualities by means of a symbolic language of shapes, colours and objects.
This study is one of the most qualified among recent works on the subject. The first section surveys the history of international heraldry, while the second traces its growth and specific development in Tuscany.