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Onorio Marinari pittore nella Firenze degli ultimi Medici

Silvia Benassai


by Silvia Benassai

publication year: September 2011
paperback with flaps
245x290 mm; 260 pp.
16 colour and 299 b&w illustrations

978-88-7461-144-7 Italian

Virtually unknown to contemporary scholarship, Onorio Marinari (Florence, 1627–1716) was instead quite renowned in the historical and cultural milieu of Florence in the Late Baroque. This book systematically reassembles the painter’s extensive oeuvre, offering a chronological overview of approximately 100 autographic paintings, many of which never published before, 30 drawings and around 150 paintings that have been lost or cannot be identified with known works. Preceded by careful archival research, the book presents new and fascinating biographical information about Marinari and his family. Notably, the book re-examines his relationship with his teacher, Carlo Dolci, and with the Medici court and his aristocratic patrons, as well as his ties with the coeval figurative culture of Florence, underscoring his relations with the leading painters of the age, such as Francesco Furini, Lorenzo Lippi, Livio Mehus, Pietro da Cortona, Salvator Rosa, Volterrano, Luca Giordano, Giovanni Maria Morandi, Antonio Franchi and Pier Dandini.