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Fun in Florence

N. Shroyer Howard

8,00 €

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written and illustrated by N. Shroyer Howard

publication year: 2000
spiral-back, 215x280 mm, 36 pp.
over 100 photos, illustrations and maps in full colour

88-85957-83-8 English
88-85957-84-6 French
88-85957-44-7 German
88-85957-42-0 Italian
88-85957-43-9 Spanish

In this children’s guidebook, Nancy Shroyer Howard simply and brilliantly meets the challenge of turning the visit to a famed art city into a an exciting treasure hunt.

Her detailed route entirely designed for the young – from the careful treatment of historical figures, characteristic shapes and colours, down to pinpointing places where the reader can play and rest – follows one of Florence’s most fascinating walking tours for adults, enriching it with curiosities which might escape the most seasoned traveller.

Roaming from Piazza della Signoria to the Baptistery, from the Duomo to San Marco, children will learn and enjoy themselves at the same time, leaving their elders to discover a new way of introducing their offspring to the marvels of the world at large.