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Dante's Journey

An Infernal Adventure

Virginia Jewiss; Aline Cantono di Ceva, Christiana Castenetto

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text by V. Jewiss; illustrations by A. Cantono di Ceva; based on an idea by C. Castenetto

December 2008
Hardcover; cm 20,5x29; pp. 32
Colour illstrations

978-88-7461-110-2 Italian
978-88-7461-113-3 English

It isn’t easy to be a wild child—‘super-creative’ may be a better term—when it constantly gets you into trouble ... Could running away be a better idea? Apparently so, according to Dante, who decides to run away from home one night with his puppet Virgil. The two thus embark on a terrifying and adventurous journey—decidedly infernal!—through dark forests and frightening places populated by horrible creatures. Dante encounters three-headed monsters, demons with eyes of burning coal and more ... a smoking swamp, a boiling river and icy expanses. Luckily, Virgil is there to guide the young runaway. Dante’s Journey is a short tale in rhyme that evokes the Italian poet’s journey through Hell, highlighting the most famous moments in the Divine Comedy and using words, assonance and rhyme. The story is told in a light-hearted, humorous and decidedly unpedantic style. Twelve colourful plates effectively re-create the fearsome adventures of Dante and Virgil, offering young readers a delightfully spine-tingling experience ... with a happy ending.