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Lo spazio reinventato

Progetto di interni della sede della Società Italiana di Gerontologia e Geriatria

di Marta Sansoni


by Marta Sansoni

November 2011

22,5 x 22x5 cm, 48 pp.
45 colour illustrations

978-88-96532-28-7 Italian

Projects jotted down on paper, annotations transcribed through sketches, marginal notes, thoughts, preparatory drawings and photographs document the challenge faced by Marta Sansoni: managing to dilate space while respecting the existing structure, attempting to exploit the building’s full potential and capture an important light that was fleeting and distant before the restructuring work was undertaken. The careful renovation of the headquarters of the SIGG (the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics), founded in Florence in 1950, started with the Society’s specific request to transform the rooms, which no longer represented its innovative concepts and contemporary way of thinking on the subject of ageing. The architect favours luminosity, whiteness and attention to detail. White expands, opens things, allows the ambience to breathe and projects it towards light, freeing it from darkness and a sense of enclosure.