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Leo and the Wriggle Monster

Stories told to children

James Bradburne

18,00 €

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Texts by James Bradburne, illustrations by Elisabet Ribera

December 2010
20x20 cm, 144 pp.,
colour illustrations

978-88-96532-24-9 Italian
978-88-96532-25-6 English

Four stories for elementary-school children—“The Night Garden”, “Taylor’s Tale”, “Leo and the Wriggle Monster”, and “Zachary and the Scareghost”—revolve around history and imagination, and end with a moral, something that remains in the hearts and minds of young readers. This is precisely what happens with little Leo, a perfectionist who collects toy cars and trains and is an avid but fastidious reader. When he meets the Wriggle Monster, who upends his world, Leo is troubled by all of these sudden changes. Then he understands and accepts his new friend’s ‘diversity’. The stories, illustrated by Elisabet Ribera, confirm the talent of James Bradburne, Director General of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, as a writer of children’s literature.