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Firenze Cristiana

Cammini di fede e arte

Timothy Verdon

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by Timothy Verdon

december 2012

17 x 24 cm, 196 pages
90 colour and 13 b&w illustrations

978-88-7461-191-1 Italian

In the Year of Faith proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, Firenze Cristiana proposes several itineraries designed to help visitors discover the beauty of Florence’s priceless masterpieces, in order to grasp their historical and artistic significance, but also the roots of Christian faith that inspired churches, monuments and works of art. The invitation to meditate and prayer was repeated by Giuseppe Cardinal Betori in his speech for the opening of the Year of Faith, in which he underscored the importance of religious art: a close rapport between faith and culture, for a profound interpretation of the artistic beauty created by humankind, a spiritual vision of the fundamental themes of life. The book features an introduction and seven itineraries, with routes exploring places and specific subjects, for a personal approach to learning about Florence. The first itinerary revolves around the cathedral, but also takes a look at the city centre.