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Mamma che denti!

Guido Benedetti

9,00 €

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by Guido Benedetti

September 2011

11,5 x 17 cm, 112 pp.
11 b&w illustrations

978-88-7461-169-0 Italian


All too often we think about children’s teeth (and our own!) only when they cause problems. Instead, all it takes are a few good habits to avoid trouble in the future. “The good news is that we can prevent tooth problems. Having healthy teeth is not just a matter of luck.” And it’s a dentist who says so!
In this book parents and grandparents will find valuable practical advice, not only for proper oral hygiene at all ages, but also on diet and on managing the often-difficult relationship between young patients and their dentist.
Furthermore, using illustrations the author explains in simple but accurate language how our mouths are composed, how and when teeth grow, and how and why cavities and dental plaque occur. Lastly, he provides useful suggestions for understanding the various professional figures and dealing with the jungle of advertising.


Guido Benedetti (Florence, 1979), an oral surgeon, began his career in 2003, working in paediatric dentistry. At the same time, he also travelled to numerous African and Asian countries to work on programmes and projects to develop oral health in the most disadvantaged communities. After earning a master’s degree in health and dentistry, in 2011 he completed a research doctorate in preventive odontostomatology.