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The Art of Cookery

Sandra Rosi

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by S. Rosi, illustrated by P. Boldrini

publication year: 1995
hardcover, 165x245 mm, 144 pp.
100 colour illustrations

88-85957-14-5 English
88-85957-15-3 French Out of stock
88-85957-17-X German
88-85957-16-1 Japanese
88-85957-19-6 Italian
88-85957-18-8 Spanish

Like all traditional cuisines, Florentine cookery has shown more than one sign of “corruption”. We are not referring to the greater and lesser innovations which are historically inevitable and have, if anything, enriched the city’s gastronomic heritage. No, we are talking about the use of vegetables out of season, and the outrageous re-working of basic dishes at the hands of inferior restaurateurs – truffle-flavoured tripe is just one example!

This eminently sensible book presents the city’s best-known recipes shorn of purist excesses, and completes them with lots of useful tips on how to get the best results out of each dish. The historical notes on the recipes’ origin are both quaint and interesting.

The book is “seasoned” with Paola Boldrini’s eloquent and quasi carnal illustrations.