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Come look beyond

James M. Bradburne, Ludovica Sebregondi, Peter Sís

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Illustrations by Peter Sís, text by James M. Bradburne, Ludovica Sebregondi, Peter Sís

“Galileo. Images of the Universe from antiquity to the telescope”
Florence, Palazzo Strozzi, 13 March-30 August 2009

21x15 cm, 96 pp.

978-88-7461-134-8 Italian/English

For the International Year of Astronomy—a year that also celebrates the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first observations with a telescope—Florence has staged an important exhibition devoted to the scientist at the prestigious venue of the Palazzo Strozzi. Featuring delightful illustrations by the renowned Czech artist Peter Sís, a unique horizontal format that opens both ways, and an imaginative and animated layout, this book invites young readers to discover the history of the cosmos and its representations over the centuries, introducing them to the complex field of astronomy. Come Look Beyond is part of a new but popular cultural policy of alternative itineraries that cater to families and children, and are complemented by workshops and suitcases with ‘instruments’ for young explorers, in a fun and fascinating approach that gets the whole family involved.