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La Pala Nerli di Filippino Lippi in Santo Spirito

Studi e restauro

Daniele Rapino

12,00 €

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edited by Daniele Rapino


20 x 22,5 cm; 80 pp.
64 colour and 15 b&w illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-195-9 Italian

In the second half of the 15th century, the figures of Filippino Lippi and the nobleman Jacopo de’ Nerli, called Tanai, were central to the history of a masterpiece: the Nerli Altarpiece. Following careful and expert restoration, this work has been returned to the family altar in the basilica of Santo Spirito, boasting new legibility that allows visitors to appreciate its fine draughtsmanship and the precious materials that were used. The publication illustrates the genesis of the painting – designed as the powerful public representative of the patron’s status – datable between 1485 and 1488. It also examines the noteworthy formal and stylistic importance of the tabernacle frame, a finely carved decorative element that is a significant example of the interrelationship of architecture, sculpture and painting. In effect, it is as important as the panel itself. Lastly, it illustrates the results of the intense scientific and diagnostic investigation that has made it possible to probe the artist’s creative path, underscoring the critical conservation issues that needed to be addressed.