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Dizionario generale del Restauro

Francesco Gurrieri

39,00 €

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edited by Francesco Gurrieri


17 x 24 cm, 296 pp.

isbn  978-88-7461-203-1 Italian

The Dizionario generale del Restauro is arranged according to institutional and problematic “headwords” and, in the field of restoration, it presents an important innovation. For the very first time, it brings together and implements architectural conservation with archaeological restoration, materials and structures with scientific and instrumental diagnostics, and historical and artistic works with graphic documentation. It examines not only the individual aspects of this activity, but also the leading figures in the debate on the subject, the various sectors in which conservation is used, and modern analytical techniques to ensure as much as possible that the most appropriate operations are conducted on the artwork. Over the past century, few other fields have seen such in-depth studies, experimentation, and technical and methodological enrichment as ‘restoration’, and there have even been dialetically lively realignments of principles. Not only has there been debate, but there has also been a radical change – on a theoretical and practical level alike – in the transition from restoration as an art to restoration as a science. The material collected in this Dizionario Generale del Restauro is ‘alive’, because those involved in conservation always find themselves engaging with the complexity of restoration work.