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«S|R, Studi e Restauri». La soppressione delle corporazioni religiose e la liquidazione dell'asse ecclesiastico nell'Italia unita

Il caso toscano e le fonti archivistiche (1866-1867)

Zeffiro Ciuffoletti, Gian Luca Corradi

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Issue n. 4
Series directed by Francesco Gurrieri and Bruno Santi

edited by Zeffiro Ciuffoletti and Gian Luca Corradi

16 x 24 cm, 116 pp.

isbn 978-88-7461-218-5 Italian

In the third phase of research commenced seven years ago regarding the suppression of religious institutions that affected nearly all of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, this study provides further information in the reconstruction of a phenomenon that, in many ways, underlies the rise of laicism as a distinctive feature of modern states.
The Memoria Ecclesiae study and documentation centre investigated the suppression of religious institutions with specific reference to Tuscany. This volume brings together the results of studies on the suppression after the Unity of Italy, which left a mark on the history of religious and devout lay institutions in the region.
It involved the incorporation and sale of all types of assets, from buildings to works of figurative and applied art, libraries, archives and furnishings. These assets were then used to establish public and private museums, but at the same time a significant quantity of material essential to Italy’s cultural history was dispersed.