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Picasso and Spanish Modernity

Eugenio Carmona

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Edited by Eugenio Carmona
exhibition catalogue: Florence, Palazzo Strozzi, 20 September 2014-25 January 2015
Paperback with flaps
24,5 x 29 cm, 256 pages
colour illustrations
isbn 978-88-7461-241-3 Italian
isbn 978-88-7461-242-0 English

The autumn and winter of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence will be focusing on modern art once again with a major new event devoted to one of the greatest masters of XX century painting: Pablo Picasso.

The exhibition and the catalogue present a broad selection of works by this great master of modern art in an effort to stimulate a reflection on his influence and interaction with such leading Spanish artists as Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Juan Gris, María Blanchard and Julio González: art reflecting on art and on the relationship between the real and the surreal, the artist's heartfelt involvement in the tragedy of unfolding history, the emergence of the monster with a human face, and the metaphor of erotic desire as a primary source of inspiration for the artist's creativity and world vision.

 ‘Picasso and Spanish Modernity’ will be showing some ninety works by Picasso and other artists, ranging from painting to sculpture, drawing, engraving from the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. The works of art on display will include such celebrated masterpieces as the Portrait of Dora Maar, Horse’s Head and The Painter and the Model by Picasso, Siurana, the Path by Miró, along with Picasso's drawings, engravings and preparatory paintings for his huge masterpiece Guernica, none of which have been displayed outside Spain in such vast numbers before now. The 36 biographies of the authors of the exhibition provide an important contribution for the comprehension and the rich anthology of articles by artists and critics of that time witnesses the intellectual and philosophical climate from which the work of Picasso, Dalí, Miró drew inspiration and endless causes for reflection.