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Il Paradiso ritrovato

Il restauro della Porta del Ghiberti

Annamaria Giusti

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edited by Annamaria Giusti

June 2015

24 × 30,5 cm, 360 pp.
500 colour illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-247-5 Italian

The dismantling of the reliefs depicting “The Story of Joseph” from the uncompleted Gates of Paradise on March 6th, 1979 signalled the start of a long journey that concluded at the September 8th 2012 presentation of the restored doors, in their new and permanent location at the Museo dell’Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore. The restoration endured a long process, marked by the extraordinary complexity and novelty of an unprecedented enterprise that matured in its many unforeseeable aspects throughout the course of the endeavour. It was a broad and comprehensive task, made evident by the numerous contributions included herein, provided by the diverse professionals that frequented the Opificio’s headquarters (where the Door previously resided for 22 years). The monograph contains 30 essays divided into 5 sections:

1) The “Great Diligence” of Ghiberti;

2) Background to the Restoration of the Opificio;

3) The Construction Site;

4) The Science of Construction;

5) The Door at the Museo dell’Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Each essay is comprised of ample and thorough photographic documentation ranging from the artistic, the historical and to the scientific. The volume recounts a new and important chapter in the history of Italian art, designed to educate beyond national borders.