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Dieci volte Firenze

Pier Francesco Listri

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By Pier Francesco Listri

15 x 21 cm, 132 pp.
40 colour and b&w illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-250-5 Italian

Ten themes, ten reasons to talk about Florence.Ten great general topics that can illustrate the city’s charm to readers. Ten subjects along which to sketch out a path to give even the most informed reader the pleasure of discovery.In fact, the text always ends up finding a pretext to explore the details we don’t seem to notice, the little alley far from the crowds and the forgotten anecdote through which to show a hidden and little-known side of Florence. First we get an overview of places with their “physical” characteristics, but then they are immediately revealed in their wealth of history and through the voices of the figures and artists who have forged their prestige. We see the revival of artisanal Florence and the events marking its splendour, as if evoking them meant bringing all this back to life, up to the excellences of today. And then there’s the Florence of travellers and palazzi, of gardens and artists, in continuous and delightsome wanderings that will intrigue readers and offer far more information and insight than many strictly “historical” texts. The book features numerous illustrations.

The author
Pier Francesco Listri, who worked as a journalist, managing editor and editorialist for the daily La Nazione for many years, has collaborated with important periodicals such as L’Espresso and Calamandrei’s Il ponte. For thirty years he has been one of the voices of Italy’s public television network RAI as a director and producer of cultural programmes.A historian specializing in Florence and Tuscany, he has written over twenty works on this subject, including the very successful Dizionari di Firenze e della ToscanaLa grande storia di Firenze and Firenze e la Toscana dei Lorena. He teaches at the Università della Terza Età and is an expert on performance, for which he has written a number of works.Listri has won numerous prizes.He currently works with the RAI network, important private radio and television broadcasters, and the dailies Il Giornale and Il Sole 24.