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Nina va a Londra/Nina goes to London

Ginevra Bichi Ruspoli

6,90 €

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Text and illustrations by Ginevra Bichi Ruspoli

14,5 x 19,5 cm, 32 pages
All colour illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-287-1 Italian/English

Nina is a very curious little turkey she desires to see the world from way up high. First she goes to London to meet the Queen, than she wants to visit the Natural History Museum, she landes on a fine old tower with a gilt clock and takes a spin on the panoramic wheel. She discovers the specialities of the market along Portobello Road. Nina also finds time to stop in Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the Guard. It is very late, it is time to get home the adventure is over that’s it… at least until the next trip.

The Ginevra Olivetti Rason Foundation is a non-profit body that works to support and promote activities associated with culture, scientific research and training.