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Sandra Rosi, Silvia Serafini

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illustrations by Silvia Serafini; text by Sandra Rosi


16 x 16 cm, 48 pp.
colour illustrations

978-88-7461-182-9 Italian
978-88-7461-183-6 English
978-88-7461-204-8 French
978-88-7461-244-4 Spanish

The escapades of the famous puppet who, after countless misadventures, manages to become a child like everyone else, in an illustrated version written for the very young. Silvia Serafini’s charming colourful illustrations will appeal to children and allow them immediately to grasp the significance of the different characters and Pinocchio’s adventures. A story on the difficulties encountered on any educational path, the fairy tale of Pinocchio is a gentle way to help young children discover the concepts of Good, Goodness and Justice. The book is part of the “Read & Work” series and includes cut-out shapes so children can make their own puppet and relive Pinocchio’s adventures as they play.