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Il parato di San Giovanni

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Edited by Timothy Verdon, Susanna Conti, Marco Ciatti and Licia Triolo

24 × 30,5 cm, pp. 360
500 colour illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-328-1

Essays by Aldo Galli, Rita Filardi, Timothy Verdon, Grazia Tucci, Marco Ciatti, Susanna Conti, Licia Triolo, Maria Cristina Gigli, Andrea Santacesaria, Alfredo Aldrovandi, Andrea Cagnini, Annette Keller, Marcello Melis, Isetta Tosini, Maria Rizzi, Ilaria Degano, Daniela Degli Innocenti, Studio Guicciardini & Magni, Ramona Bellina, Roberta Cappelli, Caterina Fineschi, Simona Laurini, Azelja Lombardi, Simona Morales, Tae Nagasawa, Cristina Nencioni, Tira Stragapede, Concita Vadalà, Marina Zingarelli, Elisa Zonta.

The parament of Saint John is an exquisite woven work of art: twenty seven panels embroidered in silk and gold, produced after sketches by Antonio del Pollaiolo during the second half of the 15th century and today conserves in the new Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.

The recipient of an incredibly delicate restoration, the group of textiles is now deserving of admiration for the splendour of each detail. The volume documents the extraordinary job of conservation implemented by a broad spectrum of professionals and also recounts the analytical path and the executive developments in every detail. An indispensabile testimony that allows an analysis of the panels’ elements of historical art, iconography and religion and simultaneously elaborates on the methodological components of a restoration and conservation effort — from the historical to the diagnostic investigations, from the cleaning to the consolidation — that bestowed new possibilities of interpreting and enriching the work of art in question.

The color images are essential for understanding and appreciating the operations required and the quality achieved in the final result.