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Fausta Squatriti. If the World Were Square, I’d Know My Way…

Elisabetta Longari

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exhibitions catalogue: Triennale di Milano, 10 February-5 March 2017; Gallerie d’Italia - Piazza Scala, Milano, 10 February -2 April 2017; Nuova Galleria Morone, Milano 10 February -2 April 2017

edited by Elisabetta Longari

paperback with flaps

165 × 240 mm, 160 pp.

45 colour illustrations, 63 monochromatic

isbn 978-88-7461-338-0 Italian/English

unpublished texts by Elisabetta Longari, Jaqueline Ceresoli, Claudio Cerritelli, Martina Corgnati, Michel Gauthier, Francesco Tedeschi;

interview curated by Susanne Capolongo; biography edited by Ornella Mignone.

Painting, graphic design, sculpture, photography, collage and assemblage, realistic drawing and geometric forms; and also experiments of prose and poetry in mixed forms, in a subtle game of cross-references between visual and literary subjects. Fausta Squatriti is an artist that has demonstrated the passage of Italian and international art from the sixties to the present day, exhibiting an open and intense sensitivity directed towards a tireless search of meaning, realised through diverse methods of exploring reality.

The exhibition catalogue permits an investigation into the figure of this multifaceted and intense artist, through a rich photographic and expository legacy, analyzing the thematic, stylistic, and compositional aspects of her both figurative and literary work.

Enriched by an extensive interview, the most recent given by Squatriti, the volume aspires to trace a comprehensive and complete path of a multifaceted creator in a rich and fascinating narrative, in sync with the mutable and varied contemporary reality.