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Rome. Playing with Art

Andrea Mancini, Sandra Rosi

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text by S. Rosi
illustrations by A. Mancini

December 2009

cm 16x16; pp. 48
40 colour illustrations

978-88-7461-067-9 Italian
978-88-7461-068-6 English [2010]
978-88-7461-069-3 French [2010]
978-88-7461-070-9 German [2010]
978-88-7461-071-6 Spanish [2010]

Yet another itinerary explores a great art city in the company of two rambunctious youngsters astonished by all the options available to them. Choosing where to go and what to see was no easy task ... Indeed, this time our leading characters didn’t just enter museums and linger in front of masterpieces by Michelangelo and Caravaggio, but they also wandered the streets of the city, taking in architectural works and encountering the charming scenes that only a thousand-year-old capital can offer. When they got back, they swore that their feet were swollen but that at least everything was clear to them. Perhaps so, but in the meantime someone happened to notice them slipping into a famous Roman bookshop in search of history books ...