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Photographs by Lorenzo Mennonna

Daniela Cammilli, Lorenzo Mennonna

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edited by Daniela Cammilli
texts by Aurelio Amendola, Francesca Barberotti, Daniela Cammilli

exhibition catalogue: Homecide, Photographs by Lorenzo Mennonna, Florence, Agora|z, Palazzo Strozzi, 20 May-15 July 2012

Paperback with flaps
22,5 x 22,5 cm, 72 pp.
22 colour illustrations

978-88-96532-30-0 Italian/English

From the foreword by Daniela Cammilli: "The body lying on the ground here is merely a symbol, the mirror of "monstrosities", the extreme metaphor for a civilization that uses violence as a form of justice or the solution to the deepest and sickest perturbation. In the creative context in question, however, it acquires the significance of utterly expressive research, in a new and original interpretation aimed at declaring the macabre obsessions of the "monsters" - as they are referred to and condemned in the news - that populate everyday life."

For years Lorenzo Mennonna has turned to photography as a medium through which to express his creativity and ideas/opinions. His research focuses on topics related to social and environmental changes that, as an attentive and sensitive artist, he internalizes and embraces in order to give them back through unusual and highly original approaches.

"death, crowned
by wilted orange blossoms.
It sings and sings
a song
on its white vihuela
and sings and sings and sings"

Federico García Lorca, Graphic of the Petenera / "Clamour"