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Meeting with Massimo Cacciari

24 oct 2013

Friday October 25th 2013 at 18.00 at

La Piazza dei Libri

Piazza della Repubblica, Florence

Meeting with Massimo Cacciari

On the occasion of the publication of the book Il Potere che Frena ( Adelphi )

Massimo Cacciari meets the philosopher and Councillor for Culture of the City of Florence Sergio Givone for a dialogue about the Apocalypse and the conversion.

In the " Second Letter to the Thessalonians", traditionally attributed to St. Paul, appears the enigmatic figure of a power: the katechon , something or someone that holds back and contains, stopping or slowing the assoult of the Antichrist, but that will have to get out or be taken out of the way - for the Antichrist to reveal itself - before the day of the Lord And the interpretation of that figure here is the background against which a general reflection unfolds - in a constant "diverging agreement" with the position of Carl Schmitt - about the "political theology", that is, on the ways in which eschatological - apocalyptic ideas and symbols have come to be secularized in the political history of the West, until the current oblivion of their origin. With which political system can the paradossal christian monotheism belief in Deus-Trinitas, find a compromise? With the shape of the immuro or rather, with that of a power that stops, contains, manages and distributes only? Or do we need to look for a contamination between the two? Not a few political decisions that have marked our civilization revolve around these questions, and in the work of some of its greatest interpreters, from Augustine to Dante to Dostoevsky, they find a dramatic representation.


The volume is accompanied by an anthology of the most significant steps of the theological tradition, from early patristic to Calvin, dedicated to the exegesis of the " Second Letter to the Thessalonians ", 2, 6-7.

Massimo Cacciari was born in Venice in 1944, he graduated in philosophy in Padua and is Professor of Aesthetics at the University of his city. He was a Member of Parliament from 1976 to 1983. He is a member of several European philosophical institutions, including the College de Philosophie in Paris. Since 1995 he is the mayor of Venice, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University "Vita Salute" of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. He was among the founders of some of the most important magazines of Italian philosophy and culture, from Angelus Novus (1964-1974) to " Contropiano" (1968-1971), to Laboratorio politico (1980-1985) to Il Centauro(1980-1985 ) until Paradosso, founded in 1992. Among his works : Da Loos a Wittgenstein, Officina, 1975; Krisis , Feltrinelli 1976; Pensiero negativo e razionalizzazione, Marsilio , 1977; From Steinhof , Adelphi 1980; Icone della legge, Adelphi 1985; L'angelo necessario, Adelphi 1986; Dell'inizio, Adelphi 1990; Geo - filosofia dell'Europa; Adelphi 1994; Arcipelago, Adelphi 1997; L'ultima cosa, Milan 2004.