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22 oct 2013

Wednesday October 23rd - at 18,00

La Piazza dei Libri

Piazza della Repubblica, Florence


Le pietre e il popolo (Minimum Fax)

Intervening along with the author, Francesco Selvi (Direttore Rtv38)


Why was the civic value of monuments denied in favor of their touristic, and therefore economical? Why did the "enhancement" of cultural heritage led us to transform our historic towns in "amusement park" managed by greedy usufructuaries? The art historian Tomaso Montanari takes us on a critic tour of our country: from the showroom Venezia, to a Rome where we talk about set cross country ski tracks in the Circus Maximus, to a Florence where we rent the Uffizi for fashion shows and we pierce Vasari's frescoes looking for a nonexistent Leonardo,to a Naples where you plan to mega-events while the churches collapse and libraries are looted, to L'Aquila which lies in ruins while the citizens are deported to the new towns, we find that the idea of community has been corrupted by a new policy that want us passive consumers intead of involved citizens. Le pietre e il popolo is not only a harsh pamphlet against the rhetoric of Beauty that covers the exploitation of the cities, but it is a manual of resistance capable of reminding us that the civil function of the historical and artistic heritage is one of the founding principles of our democracy, and that Italy can rise only if though as a " Republic based on work and knowledge".

Tomaso Montanari (1971), art historian, published the essays A cosa serve Michelangelo andIl barocco for Einaudi; for Skira, the pamphlet La madre di caravaggio è sempre incinta. He collaborates with Il Fatto Quotidiano and the florentine and napolitan editions of the Corriere della Sera.