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Meeting with MARCO VICHI

24 oct 2013

Thursday October 24th - at 18,00

Meeting with MARCO VICHI La notte delle statue (Salani)

Paola Cannas - Respiri e sospiri (Felici Editore)

Intervening along with the author, Sara Falli and Francesco Chiacchio

La notte delle statue (Marco Vichi and Francesco Chiacchio)

A fantastic adventure told by Marco Vichi. One night the little Gigo remains locked inside the Boboli Gardens, immediately met with great enthusiasm, riding on Pegasus and with statues of the park that come to life at night will discover a world of dreams and desires that are reborn every sunset and every morning go back to sleep. Reading age: 8 years. Respiri e sospiri (Paola Cannas)

These poems by Paola Cannas retrace the various stages of a life with dry and essential traits mainly through free verse. Set aside over time, settled in the drawer, are presented to the reader from several points of inner and emotional clarity.

Born in Florence in 1957, she now lives in Chianti.

She is the author of short stories, plays and novels, including those of the successful series of Commissioner Bordelli. Vichi also wrote scripts for the radio (remember "Le Cento Lire", a program on Rai Radio Tre dedicated to art in prison). She held creative writing workshops in various cities and at the University of Florence. She edited several important anthologies: Città in nero, published by Guanda and for the same publisher, Delitti di provincia. Her novels have been translated in several languages.