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To mark its seventh centenary in 1996–7, the Opera del Duomo decided to start producing its own publications as part of a drive to familiarize as broad an audience as possible with the cathedral, the Baptistry, the museum and the vast historical, artistic and cultural heritage entrusted to its care. To date it has either directly produced or cooperated, from a scholarly or a financial standpoint, in the production of numerous publications covering a broad range of themes.

The Vault of Heaven

The films of the Opera Duomo Museum in Florence
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La Porta d'oro del Ghiberti

Atti del ciclo di conferenze, Firenze, 20 novembre 2012-4 giugno 2013

Timothy Verdon

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Dizionario Generale del Restauro

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The Dizionario generale del Restauro is arranged according to institutional and problematic “headwords” and, in the field of restoration, it presents an important innovation. For the very first ...
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E l'informe infine si fa forma

Studi intorno a Santa Maria del Fiore in ricordo di Patrizio Osticresi
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Firenze Cristiana

Cammini di fede e arte
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L'organo a Firenze

Dai Medici all'unità d'Italia

Gabriele Giacomelli

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