Intorno all’Annunciazione Martelli di Filippo Lippi
Riflessioni dopo il restauro


Proceedings of the Colloquium (Florence, Museo di Casa Martelli, 26th of May 2017)

1440-1450. We’re in full Renaissance, Medici and other florentine families touch the top of their greatness and all the best artists gravitate towards Florence. It’s in these years that Filippo Lippi accomplishes the Annunciazione for the chapel of Operai-Martelli in the basilica di San Lorenzo. Each work of this period shows something different, artists look at themselves and compete one with the other, workshops teem with pieces. Thanks to the restoration of this altarpiece, funded by the Friends of Florence and accomplished by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure di Firenze, stylistic and executive details have come back to the light awaking the curiosity of the historians of Art. The catalogue researches led for the occasion by the editor of the volume Monica Bietti have furnished other argues to reconsider the precedent convictions and have furthermore given birth to an international giornata di studi of which this volume reports the proceedings. Comparisons, influences and dating of masterpieces that are spread in museums all over the world find in these pages the new point of reference, the most updated, for the future scholars.

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