La spirale dell’anima…
sul filo di Dante Alighieri


Exhibition catalogue: Donato di Zio, Florence, Museo “Casa di Dante”, 26 February-30 September 2016

edited by di Gillo Dorfles

Only four years after his last solo show, Donato Di Zio presents an almost “literary” exhibition to the Florentine public. In the wake of the celebrations honouring the 750th anniversary of Il Poeta’s birth, Di Zio – who continues to make his mark on the art world – intelligently stages Dante’s journey through the Underworld. Accordingly, selections of passages from the Divine Comedy are translated into vibrant and loquacious images. Reproduced in the catalogue, in addition to never-before-seen works, are the artist’s early attempts (ideally related to the more recent production), that reveal how his style has changed over time: from macroscopic to microscopic, yet quite clear and recognizable in time. The catalogue, with its drawings, etchings, and engravings, offers the reader a suggestive visual path made even more evocative by its accompanying critical texts.

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