Designer Ceramics

edited by Marta Sansoni and Alessio Sarri

A discussion of authorship in design today strikes us as being a nostalgic and an anti-contemporaneous form of resistance. The last ten years of the history of Italian design have disintegrated the primary role of the author’s signature, having surpassed the mark as if aesthetics are no longer pertinent. The world of design has acted as if it had to metabolise a sense of guilt attributable to excess; in parallel objects reacted introspectively, returning to the ostentation of processes, shying away from the outcome as if their presence, their what and who, was less important than their how and why.

By thinking up objects that have eyes, ears and voices that are never those of their owners neither only those of their designers and manufacturers. By producing objects that have their own lives, each one a life that exceeds the instantaneous time of consumption, the sedimented time of an archetype or the jerky time of fashion to impress itself with extreme retinal persistence, as if animated. Nowadays, thinking and producing are duties that cannot overlook the grant of a right; they are gestures of maturity rather than irresponsible follies. With the right and the will: this is how Marta Sansoni speaks of totems. Eleven designers distinguished by different biographies, ages and languages examine the theme of expression and their ceramicist, Alessio Sarri, narrates the emotion of when he opened the physical and metaphorical eyes of these sculptures for the first time. Works by: Giampaolo Babetto, Sergio Maria Calatroni, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Anna Gili, Johanna Grawunder, Massimo Mariani, Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Ponsi, Franco Raggi, Marta Sansoni, George Sowden.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 cm





14 in colour and 13 in b/w