The Pittas Collection Volume III
Mythological Paintings and Sculptures

edited by Anthi Andronikou and Peter Humfrey

The Pittas collection has the privilege of covering the whole history of art, from the Antiquity to the Contemporary Art, and the great merit of allowing the concerned ones to extract large and gripping thematic routes.

The 100 works displayed in this volume reflect one of the great passions of the collector: the Greek and the Roman mythology, direct consequence of his east-Mediterranean origins. The works go from the Greek sculpture to the Roman fresco, from the Renaissance European painting to the Modern one, to the contemporary Paul Delvaux, Mersad Berber and Yorgos Kypris and are ordered not chronologically but for subject: each divinity represents an independent chapter that is faced and explored together with the various topics that have made it famous. The Pittas collection, nevertheless, doesn’t move from encyclopaedic aims, but from the will of verification of the artistic value of the work. There are protagonists of absolute importance: Sebastiano Conca, Jean-Baptiste Huet, Jean Souverbie, Marcantonio Raimondi, Louis-Jean François Lagrenée, Luca Cambiaso, Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, Jacopo Amigoni, Massimiliano Soldani Benzi, Pierre Le Faguays, Marie-Abraham Rosalbin de Buncey, Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, Sebastiano Ricci, Jean-Jacques Henner, Émile Bernard, Giovanni della Robbia. Each work presents an information sheet with images for comparison.

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