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Vieusseux Sala Feri

Antologia Vieusseux

The new series of Antologia Vieusseux, the four-month magazine of Gabinetto Vieusseux, starts in 1995 from the venture of Enzo Siciliano, the then director, who wanted to go back to the experience of the magazine as it was founded from Alessandro Bonsanti in 1966: «Let me say that, proposing the first booklet of the renovated Antologia Vieusseux, a booklet that goes with my settlement in the Direction of the Gabinetto, the will of pointing out which was the spirit that nourished its “fathers founders” has not been unknown to me. On the contrary, it has been the decided intention, – neither for a comparison with the present nor for a “demand of modernity”, but for a contribution of knowledge, as the memory is what gives substance to life, and subject to intellect.»

The magazine offers essays that are mostly dedicated to the eighteen/nineteen-century culture, often related to the Institute’s heritage. Between 2006 and 2008, under the Direction of Giovanni Gozzini at first, and secondly of Gloria Manghetti, have been introduced the sections Note di lettura, with reviews and contributions about Art, Economy, Philosophy, Italian Literature, Comparative Literature, Music, Sciences and History; and Dalla Sala Ferri, with texts of conferences, books’ presentations, critical comments hosted in the evocative setting of the room in Palazzo Strozzi.

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