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Who is Mandragora Historical information and guiding principle

Since it was founded in Florence in 1985 by Mario Curia, soon supported by Sandra Rosi, Mandragora has been specialising in illustrated books, art publications and exhibition catalogues, photographic volumes, guidebooks and essays, books for children, art-books. In the Florentine cathedral complex Mandragora now runs the bookshops of the Crypt of Santa Reparata, Giotto’s Campanile and the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore Museum.

The internationality and the sensitivity to the Florentine artistic view are our principles: the biggest part of our volumes is in fact translated in at least four languages and generates from solid relationships with important institutions built through the years.

Mandragora stands out for the production of high quality books, that are the result of a great attention given to texts and images and of a constant dialogue with the authors. In the contemporary context, characterized by a real “hurry of production”, our wish is first of all to maintain alive the role of the publishing house as a bridge between culture and the readers.

We designed our new headquarters in Via Capo di Mondo as more than a workplace, because we wanted to support new activities, exhibitions, small events and the chance to meet with our friends.
The project by architect Claudio Nardi transforms the layout of an existing building to create a new space, a concise balance between volumes, materials and innovative technologies.

The construction of this building, highly desired by Mario Curia, should be interpreted as a love gift to the city of Florence and to its historical and cultural endowment.