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Paragone Arte e Letteratura

Paragone Arte and Letteratura

Paragone was founded in Florence in 1950 by Roberto Longhi. A monthly magazine of Art and Literature that was initially published by Sansoni, it’s now published in alternating dossiers: Art in the odd numbers while Literature in the even ones.

After Longhi’s death (1970) the magazine was given to Anna Banti, who later in 1985 left the Direction of the Literature dossier to Cesare Garboli and that of the Art one to Mina Gregori who, since 2004, is the only Director and the Editor-in-chief.

From the half of 1995, with the Third Series, the numbering of Art and Literature restarts from 1 eliminating the even-odd alternation, that is however maintained in the progressive number in brackets displayed on each dossier.

Since 1999 the dossiers of Art and Literature are published triple every six months, while those of Art are still published every two months.

The editorial staff is actually represented by Giorgio Amitrano, Lina Bolzoni, Alessandro Duranti, Guido Fink, Fausta Garavini, Giuseppe Leonelli, Francesco Rognoni and Vittorio Sermonti.

Following its present structure, includes critical essays, tales and poems, a central monographic insert concerning a single author or a specific topic, a section entitled Giornale (in the place of the initial Antologia) and one that is entitled Appunti, that are both not made up by reviews but by personal interventions inspired for example by a book.

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