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Progetto Città ai Bambini

Project Città ai Bambini

Mandragora participates to the project POR CREO FESR 2014-2020, Call “AIUTI AGLI INVESTIMENTI IN RICERCA SVILUPPO E INNOVAZIONE” for which see the DECRETO 30 luglio 2014 n. 3389 BANDO 2 PROGETTO LA CITTÀ AI BAMBINI

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Le ali alle tue idee

The project intends to realize a new generation of services for the children’s tourism:

  • creation of itineraries thought for children that are capable to undersand their needs and psycho-perceptive features
  • service of welcome and narrative company and provided with multimedia suggestions related to advanced systems of environmental intelligence
  • services “La Città ai Bambini”, thought as a model repeatable in differetn cities, with possible franchising aimed at enhancing the professionalisms of young businessmen

The technical-scientific objectives in synthesis:

  • the children’s tourism: imaginary and experience
  • dynamic storytelling of the city
  • interacting with the city and its history
  • experimenting with pilot consumers and industrial plan


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