Da Populonia a Massa Marittima
i 1500 anni di una diocesi

edited by Anna Benvenuti

Archaeological investigation goes hand in hand with historical reconstruction and analysis of hagiographic cycles in the proceedings of the convention (Massa Marittima, 16–17 May 2003) organized by ‘Memoria Ecclesiae’, the centre responsible for the study and documentation of Tuscany’s religious history to celebrate the 1500 years of the diocese of Populonia, one of the oldest ecclesiastical districts of ancient maritime Tuscia. The authors’ contributions represent an interdisciplinary model, as the continuous interweaving of religion and history is both the premise and point of arrival of this study. By examining the evangelization of Tuscia along the ancient Roman roads, mapping the dissemination of religion by studying hagiographic testimony, reconstructing the hermitic experience of the islands in the archipelago and the spread of the Franciscan order in Tuscany, and documenting the progressive development of the urban and territorial structure of the Maremma area, the book sketches out a fascinating path spanning fifteen centuries to paint an unusual portrait of a region that has long been overlooked by scholars of Tuscan history.

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