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Appello urgente ai genitori

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by Paolo Sarti

We need to stop! They have begged us long and hard without even realizing it: through their constant anxiety, unexplainable irritability, attacks of insomnia, stubborn refusal to eat or unmanageable bulimia. Such children have grown up with unjustified and insufferable rage and arrogance, devastating performance anxiety and the willingness to give in to failure or unleash their aggressiveness the minute they feel strong. They have been raised without rules, limits or orders, according to educational theories that justify everything and with permissiveness that, in reality, means surrendering. In short, these children are forced to decide in their parents’ stead. If this capitulation had created freer parents no longer stressed by the daily commitment of childrearing, it would be one thing, but that’s not the case. Anxious children are the counterpoint to increasingly hysterical parents who have a sole objective: arriving—as soon as possible—at the point where their children, finally grown up, have a job and a significant other … but don’t leave home! In short, we need to stop this cycle and start acting like parents. Paolo Sarti was born in Florence (1949), where he lives and works as a paediatrician. He teaches at the Department of Medicine of the University of Florence and is a consultant for the Region of Tuscany. For years he has overseen guidance centres, playschools, childbirth classes, and dietary and sexual education at schools. Sarti has published numerous books on these subjects for both specialized and general readerships.

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