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Guide for the curious traveller

texts by P. de Simonis, G.B. Ravenni and C. Rosati

edited by A. Anichini and S. Rosi

Putting together a guidebook that really does its job is no small challenge. Some guidebooks rely on the appeal of images which “speak for themselves”, while others – more traditionally – offer a text which purports to say and explain everything. In the first case the tourist is highly impressed, but soon discovers that precious little lies behind the painted veil. In the second case he finds himself saddled with a cumbersome tome which is useless in the field. Not to mention the run-of-the-mill straight-line walking tours which take you to a given place but don’t tell you how to make the most of the way back!
This volume strikes an ideal balance between text and photographs, offering a truly original solution to the visitor’s queries. Thus, for instance, its itineraries are circular, and the various aspects of the city (art, history, language, local lore and food) do not get lost in the folds of a top-heavy introduction, but are dealt with in a series of numbered sections which are concise and often entertaining. The glossaries and appendixes are invaluable (those on trattorias, wine bars and pastry shops will not fail to delight gourmets), while the “Useful Information” section is nothing short of indispensable.
We are proud to present this guidebook, cheered by its successful sales and by the constant flow of enthusiastic letters we receive from readers the world over.

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