Francesco Binfaré


Francesco Binfaré is part of that group of artists, designers and architects that created contemporary Italian style. In the late 1960s, Binfaré became the artistic and research director of the Centro Cesare Cassina. In the Eighties, he had his own research centre, and was the design and communication consultant for Cassina and other companies that pioneered the evolution of furniture: Binfaré has left his mark on many of the best-known design products. He has been an “author” since 1992, designing sofas and armchairs for Edra.

In June 2022, the Association for Industrial Design awarded Binfaré the Compasso d’Oro for lifetime achievement.

The author of the volume, Giampaolo Grassi, takes us on a journey between the artist’s memories and thoughts. The artist often speaks firsthand and allows us to enter his workshop and his creative process.

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