nature in the mirror


With this essay, La natura allo specchio, starts our new series of studies entitled Masterpiece. The series intends to offer, from a new point of view, a focus on the work and itinerary of those artists who have made History. To let the dance begin there is Leonardo da Vinci, depicted with a participating eye by the scholar Marco Versiero.

The most impressing core of the analysis is the specific soul, among the thousands of Leonardo’s, that Marco Versiero wants to underline: his mirror-soul, namely, Leonardo’s eye put between Humans and Nature. In other words the eye that lets the artist make those two dimensions, his favourite ones (the human and the natural one), communicate with each other without cancelling themselves, but at the contrary reflecting one in the other’s light, like in front of a mirror.

An essential biography introduces the reader to Marco Versiero’s pages, matched with 61 detailed pictures. The pictures, proposing a selection not only of Leonardo’s paintings but also of his drawings, furnished with extended captions, tell the itinerary of the genius from the years of his apprenticeship in Verrocchio’s workshop till the days of his maturity.

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