Poems & Polaroids
I Journey with You Here

by Kate McBride

Canadian artist and writer Kate McBride created a travelogue of sorts: the moods, moments, impressions and feelings experienced during her journeys and sojourns have been captured in Poems & Polaroids. The lines, with the rhythmic flow of her words, and the snapshots, crisp and impressionist-like, evoke the cities and places, the colours, the smells and the people, from Paris to Florence, from the Pacific Ocean to Andalusia…
The poems are sketches, notes jotted down on the spot to seize themoment, and the photos – taken with a Spectra – encapsulate fragments of life that everyone, albeit through different eyes, has had a chance to experience at one time or another. Thus poetry ceases to be the private pursuit of its author and enters the world of readers, stirring up their own memories and feelings.

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200 in colour