Santa Maria Novella
La basilica e il convento vol. II


edited by Andrea de Marchi
scientific coordination by Carlo Sisi

essays by Paolo Bertoncini Sabatini, Luca Boschetto, Marco Campigli, Andrea De Marchi, Aldo Galli, Giovanni Giura, Dora Liscia Bemporad, Cecilia Martelli, Neville Rowley

photographic campaign by Antonio Quattrone

Santa Maria Novella is not simply a splendid Florentine basilica; it represents a world, a philosophy, an idea of life and of community manifested through artistic expression of remarkable quality, distributed across the centuries. Included in this monumental collection are elaborations on analyses regarding the Basilica’s artwork and architecture, providing an incredible opportunity to understand an entire historical period, assembling its more fascinating and meaningful nuances. Thanks to the stunning images taken specially by Antonio Quattrone and the essays by esteemed authors, this monograph follows the path initiated by the previous volume (From the Foundation to the Late Gothic Period) and gives us a passionate and thorough assessment of the art and history of Florence during one of its most brilliant periods of production.

The volume takes us through the Renaissance to the emergence of the Medicis and other families, like the Rucellai, who were responsible for having fostered a center for renewed worship of antiquity, establishing Florence as an international city. The city also served as a testing ground for modern concepts of space, namely perspective, and of philosophical and literary Humanism.

In this respect, the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella enumerates milestones in art history, including Masaccio’s Trinity, Brunelleschi’s Crucifix, Filippino Lippi’s and Domenic Ghirlandaio’s majestic series of frescoes, in addition to Leon Battista Alberti’s architectural creation. These subjects provided material for the compelling and updated critical essays included in this volume.


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