Venturino Venturi, Mater

edited by Lucia Fiaschi, Stefano Filipponi and Antonio Natali

On the occasion of the six centuries from the Institute’s foundation and in proximity of the centenary from Venturino Venturi’s birth, the three headquarters of Palazzo Vecchio, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo and Museo degli Innocenti host an exhibition that collects 40 works by the artist from Loro Ciuffenna, works that develop the central theme of maternity, central also in his total creative work.

Venturi, an artist that was deeply-rooted in the tuscan culture and in particular in the culture of Arezzo, the same that had given birth to Masaccio and Michelangelo, turns out to be also an international artist, full of influences come from France and Luxembourg, visited during his infancy, when he followed his father, who was a stone cutter. His art seems to constantly reborn in search of a proper language: in fact, despite important friendships (such as the one with Lucio Fontana), he never chose to subscribe to any art movement.

The exhibition catalogue introduces the essays of Stefano Filipponi, Lucia Fiaschi and Antonio Natali, along with a short collection of articles that let us better understand the historical and creative path of the artist – and his critical luck –, initially connected to biographical influences and lately near to an universal and archetypical vision. As a result, from the dissertation of the maternal theme in the sculptures of the youth, Venturino gets to the mosaics of Collodi and to the drawings of the maturity, between the shape and the abstractionism.

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