As Soon As Possible
Acceleration in Contemporary Society


catalogue of the exhibition (Florence, Palazzo Strozzi, CCCS-Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina, 14 May–18 July 2010)

The As Soon As Possible – Acceleration in contemporary society show will examine the concept of time in the high speed society, the social model characterised by rapid communications with production based on new technologies, which everyone must come to terms with today. The extraordinary mobility of people all over the world, the uninterrupted barrage of information from the media, the continuous flow of communications and non-stop traceability are phenomena that have induced the individual to adopt an accelerated mode in the private sphere as well, and have led to the development of speed dating (for the emotional sphere), power naps (for physical recharging), quality time (dedicated to the family) and fast food (as a form of nutrition).
The myths of speed and faster production were fundamental elements from the beginning of the industrial era, linked as they were to the very concept of Modernity and the movements, such as Futurism and Constructivism, that formed the basis of 20th century art. The time=money equation became the very motor of our economy, leading to forced reduction of time and maximum exploitation of the qualities of ever new, innovative and creative production processes.
The exhibition project includes contributions from Italian and international artists such as the Datenstrudel group (Germany), Marnix de Nijs (Netherlands), Reynold Reynolds (USA), Jens Risch (Germany), Michael Sailstorfer (Germany) and Arcangelo Sassolino (Italy). Distributed according to their different approaches to the theme of time, the works by these artists will form an itinerary involving visitors in strong and unusual space-time experiences focusing on the contradictions and tensions of our hyperfast society.

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