Brunelleschi’s Cupola
Past and Present of an Architectural Masterpiece


by G. Fanelli e M. Fanelli

“Poring over the many details of the Cupola’s history, as well as of the internal articulation of its structural elements, one cannot avoid sensing the constant struggle of a genius against the limitations of the technology of his times. This is reminiscent of the attitude that would distinguish, a few years later, the work of another genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Studying Brunelleschi’s greatest building is still of the utmost interest today and can yield surprising discoveries, a testimony to the vitality of his genius. This can be fully appreciated by all ages, because although the reading code may change down the centuries, the fundamental essence of the language has remained unaltered.”

This two-part volume offers an innovative analysis and interpretation of Brunelleschi’s masterpiece.

Part One, which is richly illustrated with iconographic material, traces the design and construction phases of this magnificent building and explores its impact on figurative and literary culture down the ages.

With the aid of original charts and diagrams, Part Two provides a thorough analysis of the structure, construction and static equilibrium of the Cupola, including a description and assessment of the current state of the cracks. This provides a solid basis for predicting the likely future behaviour of the monument and for suggesting possible conservation measures.

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