Coluccio Salutati
De verecundia. Tractatus ex epistola ad Lucilium prima

edited by Teresa De Robertis, Silvia Fiaschi, Giovanni Martellucci, Giuliano Tanturli e Stefano Zamponi

The National Committee was convinced that reproducing Laurenziano Strozzi 96 was the most fitting way to end the 6th centenary of the death of Coluccio Salutati. The manuscript was the last work overseen by the elderly Florentine chancellor shortly before his death. As noted in the introductory essay, the volume is unique in terms of content as well as its script. Its contents are solidly rooted in the 14th-century cultural tradition tied to Petrarch, whereas its lettering—innovative for this age—makes the codex a true prototype. Indeed, as far as we know this was the first time that a work by a humanist was written in littera antiqua, the script that, imitating the codices of the 12th century, would ultimately shape Italian humanism. The collaboration between the elderly Coluccio and his young pupil and copyist Poggio Bracciolini marked the transition between two eras of culture, writing and books. The photographs of the manuscript, by Giovanni Martellucci, are accompanied by an essay by Silvia Fiaschi, a description of the codex by Teresa De Robertis, and two letter-treatises: De verecundia, edited by Stefano Zamponi, and Tractatus ex Epistola ad Lucilium prima, edited by Teresa De Robertis; Giuliano Tanturli translated the works. Massimo Miglio, President of the National Committee for the 6th centenary celebrations of the death of Coluccio Salutati, wrote the presentation.


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