Creator Spirit
Filippo Rossi & Susan Kanaga

Installation by Filippo Rossi & Susan Kanaga: Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Firenze 10 May-11 June 2017

edited by Timothy Verdon

The Community of Jesus, located in the United States of America, at Orleans, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, is a monastery in the Benedictine tradition that from its foundation in the late 1950s has, step by step, grown ever more deeply committed to the arts. Sacred music, the visual arts and theatre have become the currency with which we, as a religious family, contribute to human spiritual growth.

Years of travel with our professional choir to Europe opened our eyes to the riches in history, culture and contemporary energies that reveal the work of the Holy Spirit in talented people to glorify God. Desiring both to deepen our own roots and to promote exchanges of art and spirituality with Europe, in 2013 we founded an arts center in Tuscany, in the hill town of Barga, near Lucca, which promotes ecumenical conversation through scholarly papers and presentations, applied work in the sacred arts, and the creation and exhibition of Christian art. We gave the center the name ‘Mount Tabor’, recalling Christ’s transfiguration.

It is in the framework of our Barga ‘Centre for Art and Spirituality’ that Susan Kanaga, CJ, a Protestant American woman, and Filippo Rossi, an Italian Catholic man, have begun to work together on projects that ‘transfigure’ matter, rendering visible the spiritual potential of created things, their vocation to manifest the beauty and goodness of the Creator, and the capacity of art to nourish faith and prayer.

Kanaga’s and Rossi’s work together is a breathtaking example of how ecumenical collaboration can reveal and communicate the great truths which unite all Christians and gifts the world with a shared beauty connecting all persons of good will.

The installation was realized on the occasion of the 5th centenary of the Protestant Reformation (1517-2017) during the international symposium “The Arts and Ecumenism”.

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