Enrico Marinelli Award
for contemporary art, first edition

edited by Adelina von Fürstenberg

The book illustrates the Enrico Marinelli Award for Contemporary Art: it describes its source of inspiration from a multiple point of view (that of Adelina von Fürstenberg, who edited the book, of Antonio Natali, of Msgr. Timothy Verdon, Luca Bagnoli, Andrea Zambon), it goes through the research’s itineraries of the five finalists (Mikayel Ohanjanyan, Marco Bagnoli, Francesco Arena, Sakshi Gupta, Barthélémy Toguo), gathered to express themselves in a work on a prearranged thematic core; finally, it deeply justifies the choice of the winner (Mikayel Ohanjanyan).

Despite being only at its first edition, the Marinelli Award already shows the maturity that characterizes a consolidated Award for Art, for three main reasons: the ethical nobility of the chosen thematic core (Hope), the gratitude for the “progenitor” who made Art possible (Enrico Marinelli, founder of the Guild, the association customer of the Award). Finally, a third prestige that is an indisputed aspect recognizable in these pages is the open attitude towards the “new” without any resistance, that nowadays is everything but discounted and that in all the times represents the only useful approach in order to grasp the Beauty, as to distinguish the real artistic talent.

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